Drifted Tales on Steam
11th March, 2019

The development of Drifted Tales is slowing down a little bit which you maybe anticipated from the latest news. But.. it is progressing.

In order to underline this I established the Steam Store Page for the game today. If you like you can visit the page from this link and put the game on your wishlist ;)

Secret Files 3 - Mobile Port
1st February, 2019

There is still a piece missing! In order to bring the whole Secret Files Saga to mobile devices (and the Switch) we need to revive the 3th installment ss well.

Today I discussed this matter with Marco Zeugner and we decided that I will lead this project. Of course I will need some support for this one ;)

We hope to release the game for iOS and Android later this year. Other projects will try to get in the way.. but I will do my very best.

Secret Files on the
Nintendo Switch
21th November, 2018

Today it's official, the Secret Files Saga will be available on the new Nintendo Console.
Of course I'm proud to be able to work on these portations together with other developers. I really like the Switch as a player and I'm very interested in how to bring all the games to this platform in chronological order.

Circle's End released
5th March, 2017

Circle's End was released today for Android and iOS. Get it and show us if you can beat the 15 levels!


Course live
5th March, 2017

The release of Circle's End marks the day Course Interactive goes live. Here you will find news and announcements concerning future projects.

Check out the Facebook page as well to get every information! The button is in the top right hand corner.

Secret Files 3 - iOS and Android
15th April, 2020

Secret Files 3 finally arrived in the stores for mobile devices in recent weeks! Now you find the whole Secret Files Saga at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.
It was an interesting last year in which I worked on the portation of this title together with some helpers. The game was build up from scratch with Unity and a lot of helpful experiences have been made.

I the coming months we will work to port it to the Nintendo Switch as well.

Fenton on Nintendo Switch!
5th March 2020

Before we complete the Secret Files Saga on the Nintendo Switch we open the stage for Fenton Paddock! The biggest of the Animation Arts games was released today and will be followed by part two in the coming month.
The mobile version of the game was the starting point for this development and was improved a little bit. Still because of hardware restrictions some of the graphic qualities are not as good as the orignal PC game.
A shame but still a great game.

Sam Peters in the eShop!
10th October, 2019

The spinoff on the way. Only a few years back Sam got her very own Secret Files Spinoff and today you can play it on the Nintendo Switch!

Secret Files 2 for the Switch
20th June, 2019

Secret Files 2 has made it to the Nintendo eShop. With a little delay but with improved interface and controls the title was released today!
Nina goes Switch!
30th November, 2018

Secret Files Tunguska, the adventure classic by Animation Arts is finally playable on the Nintendo Switch. Today the title was released by KOCH Media in the eShop.

Next Project: Drifted Tales
15th February, 2018

We have a name.
For a few weeks now I am working on some incremental prototypes for the new game. Today I decided on a working title and wanted to share some more details.

The goal is to develop a survival with low poly graphics and without fighting. The focus should be on discovery, story and a little comedy. Target platforms are PC and mobile devices.

I will keep you up to date but i recommend following me on Twitter ;)